My Savings Portfolio

4/12/2019 Update:

I started an inflation protected portfolio in July of 2017.  Here are my results so far:

Since July of 2017, I have gradually increased my portfolio to $14,000 in TIPS and my current adjusted principal is: $14,323.80.

In the last 4 days, my investment was protected from a loss of  $8.06.

Since July 2017, I have been protected from a loss of: $323.80

I’m currently getting paid an income of: $5.74 per month on top of the fact that my investment’s principal is being adjusted for inflation as reported above.

Interest payments are made in two coupon per year (semi-annually) and they too are adjusted for inflation over time because they are based on the adjusted principal.  You can learn more about the principal adjustment calculations in the article: How to calculate a TIPS Inflation Adjustment.

I’m using a portfolio of Treasury Inflation Protected Securities that contains 14 government bonds from three different bond issues with a 10 year maturity.  The bonds are being held in a Roth IRA account.  Unlike other investments, I am actually guaranteed to beat inflation.

You can protect your savings too.  Use this site to help you get going.

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You can also get my TIPS tracking spreadsheet to help you track your TIPS.

Here’s a great video series to watch if you are interested in this investment strategy: